content reporting

How it works

Reporting is an invaluable asset to have when dealing with digital signage. You can pull reports to check if screens have been playing what they are indeed supposed to be playing with intricate details such has how many times its been played, its Meta ID as well as how long the clip played for.

A range of filters allows you to pinpoint reporting with regard to time, clip and player filters. This is where you can locate on a calendar the time frame you would like to see a report, down to the last minute. The clip filter consists of the clips name as well as it’s Meta ID, where as the player filters include the players name, mac address and it’s exact location. All of these filters allow for exact reporting in large scale networks.




Pull reports to check if screens have been playing all the correct content on your content list.



Intricate reporting down to the last detail. 



Powerful filters that help you get exact reports in large scale networks.



User friendly interface that allows you to make use of the reporting functions with ease.



All data can be compiled into a CSV document and downloaded.



CSV reports are cached in order to make the process of finding a report thats already been generated an instantaneous process.

Reporting Interface

The power of the reporting tool

Reporting gives you the insights that can tell you exactly what has been playing on your screens down to the last minute. Play counts, exact location as well as a range of filters can be applied so that even in large scale networks you can identify the reports you would like to see.