Audience Measurement 

How it works

Knowing who is interacting with your business environments and digital deployments is a vital business tool. Datapost integrates into industry leading audience measurement tools, allowing marketers and business to better understand the customers interacting with their business spaces.

Integration of audience measurement with the nfinityX allows users to target the audience in real-time with relevant marketing and information. The integration allows content to be dynamically controlled and presented in real time, presenting meaningful content to the audience.

All business statistical  information is available through the nfinityX reporting environment allowing the publishers to analyze what demographic is interacting with the digital presentations. The audience measurement toolset also allows publishers to determine the mood of the audience and present or tailor the content accordingly.

Analysis Reports

The power of the analysis tool

The power of this analysis tool is truly extraordinary, you are able to understand things such as how long each person looks at the screen, what their current mood is, how the content makes them react. It can determine the gender and age of each person and the frequency of visits at specific locations.