NfinityX has many different capabilities that can enhance your customer’s digital experiences. Digital signage allows central control of media-rich content delivery to an unlimited network of displays. The deployment and administration of interactive content to touch devices ensure seamless delivery. These are just some of the unique features of nfinityX that allow you to control your vision 



Content Distribution

The nfinityX is a digital media library that allows users to upload (ingest) and tag content with metadata. The metadata can be used to deliver or distribute content dynamically to targeted screens or devices. 


Network Structure

Media players can be attached to a location within an organised network structure. When publishing content to a media player within a network structure, the media player cross-checks the content tags within the network structure. If a match is found, the content will be displayed.



With our reporting module, you can analyse multiple data points of your content, networks, and hardware. This includes play counts on content, player locations within a network structure, the temperature of your media player and more. This data can be viewed in graphs or exported as raw data in a CSV file.


Content Project Management

The solution can store multiple files in a media archive in the cloud. This allows content managers to build up a library of media that can create playlists at any time. This is a valuable tool for content managers, allowing all components of the content production to be housed in a central repository. 


Supported Platforms

nfinityX is a hardware-agnostic software solution that supports SoC integrated media players, specifically Samsung SoC and LG WebOS, and media players that run Linux, Windows and Android operating systems.


User Interface

The management and content interface is web-based and supports Windows, Linux and Mac. The nfintyX provides two interfaces. The nfinityX admin interface is for high-level system users. The nfinityX Corp interface allows administrators to provide users with a simple user interface that requires minimal user training. 

How it works



Metadata and user management

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The solutions database is flexible and integrates into existing workflows allowing administrators to create data objects and add fields to media objects in a live environment, which attach to the content. Open architecture allows integration into industry-standard database environments for access and distribution throughout the network.


A comprehensive user management environment allows administrators to manage user permissions to various areas of the nfinityX, including content rights and content distribution. 


Landing Zone

Bandwidth allocation competence

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If you have difficulty delivering large media content files to the regional offices, dealer networks or retail shops, look at using the nfinityX-landing zone. The landing zone allows you to bring a rich media experience to staff and customers who are restricted with limited bandwidth. The solution will enable you to publish content directly from the nfinityX to the deployed landing zones and only use your network when extra bandwidth is available.

The landing zone delivers content to a central point on a large site and is then distributed to your digital signage environment. The solution easily integrates into existing e-learning applications providing a seamless experience for their users. Customers also use the landing zone to deliver software and other mission-critical information. 



Multiple media archival capabilities 

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The nfinityX manages and archives broadcast-quality content, including video (HD uncompressed), audio, images and documents. Access to the content is controlled through a user-based rights management tool. The solution uses customisable library objects to create metadata objects related to your workflows.

The solution allows third party content providers to ingest content via a cloud-based access point directly into the solution. This can be through an automated or manual process. System administrators manage approval of final content with the appropriate user rights.



Screen activity overview


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The media player dashboard allows users to view device connectivity; content delivered and provides for real-time screen captures of content being played. The interface provides a view of hardware-related information.

The dashboard allows for in-depth hardware analysis and device monitoring so that devices can be easily identified, located and managed from anywhere at any time. 

Playlist capabilities

Dynamic content scheduling using attributes and geolocation control


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The management and content interface is web-based and supports Windows, Linux and Mac. The nfintyX provides two interfaces. The nfinityX interface is for high-level system users. The Corp interface allows administrators to provide users with a simple user interface that requires minimal user training.


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An analyser tool allows users to compare the published schedule against the content played on a target device and output it to a file for further distribution or data mining. The tool allows publishers to view the output of a content list when utilising database-constructed schedules.

Media player

The media player can synchronise media players frame accurately with other media players connected to the server, allowing the feel of a live broadcast. The synchronisation also supports landscape or portrait content across multiple panels. Sync is supported on Linux, Windows, LG WebOS and Samsung SoC.

The media player supports multi-zone layouts and also supports GPS and GSM connectivity. 

Interactive content

Interactive content publishing is supported, allowing users to create and publish interactive content into dynamically built interfaces

Building interactive experiences is now possible using the nfinityX XID content designer available to all nfinityX users