Booklet is a comprehensive room management solution that effectively uses meeting rooms in high traffic environments. The solution will enable you to plan meetings and cater for walk-in meetings.

The Booklet Interface

unique features


Plan meetings down to the last detail on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.



Integrates into Google and Microsoft calendars.



Live reporting provides insights for increased efficiency.



View existing meetings in convenient calendar format.



The solution provides way-finding capabilities via the use of digital signage.



Rooms can be labelled with attributes, allowing you to search for the appropriate facilities.

How it works


The bookings page lets you see current bookings in a calendar format and make your bookings. You can upload media to the system and adjust all visual parameters in the display menu.


The rooms menu gives you complete control over existing rooms and can create new spaces. When you start the room, you have admin rights. Here, you can specify and search for what facilities each room has to make the best use of the filter function.


​The board’s menu gives you the ability to create way-finding boards using the rooms that you have created. This can be used when paired with our nfinityX digital signage solution—allowing your clients to find the meeting rooms with a sense of ease.



Properties are where you can add specific facilities if they do not already exist to give each room that you create the most accurate attributes. This should be done to use the powerful filtering system, making it quick and easy to find spaces that match your requirements in high traffic environments.


The user’s menu is where you can create and manage users on the system; this is where rights and permissions can be controlled.



Groups are where you can segment divisions within your large scale business. This is done by creating a group for each division and adding the necessary users. They will then see information relevant to that group on their calendar.



The devices menu lets you see the live information of each device on the system. This ranges from the device’s fingerprint to where it is situated. Heartbeats are sent back to the server regularly to keep you updated on whether your device is online and has full functionality.


Our comprehensive reporting function gives you a complete analysis of each room; you can choose to see a whole room report or a more specific room usage report. This allows for an in-depth analysis of each room, ensuring you as the admin are fully informed of all activity occurring in every room.

This solution was developed for everyday users. Boasting a user-friendly interface; allowing users to learn and use the application quickly, increasing efficiency.

Double bookings will be a problem of the past with this seamless solution!