nfinity xid

Xid is an interactive designing tool that runs in parallel with the nfinityX solution. The designer is used to create images, videos and in-depth interactive templates. It is designed to be user friendly in order to enhance efficiency of content creation as well as maintaining a high standard of quality.

A ticker designer is available that allows you to create a working ticker in minutes! Create and customize a ticker displaying static user text or link an RSS feed using dynamic data. It is the ultimate tool for quick and quality content creation.




Create interactive content in a matter of minutes!



A robust design tool that allows you to create ready to publish content.



Add video and images to your designs and publish them directly to your screens.



Create your ticker with images and live RSS feeds.



API feature and Google integration allow for live distribution of information.



A user-friendly design makes it easy to produce amazing content for your signage.




  • Publish straight to your screens
  • Silky smooth animations
  • Modal pop-ups to give an all-round interactive experience
  • Complete control over all elements you are working with on the page
  • Page and text options including colours and fonts
  • Create smart cards
  • Interactive page links
  • Insert text, shapes and GIFs
  • Create live data sets with API integration allowing you to communicate with consumers as it happens when it happens.
  • Complex page timeouts
  • Upload your images and videos to the nfinityX library
  • Choose from a variety of stock images



  • Create tickers with text and images
  • Upload your images and videos to the nfinityX library
  • Ticker and text options including colours and fonts
  • RSS compatibility 
  • Control the ticker speed and line spacing
  • Link live news feeds via RSS
  • Publish straight to your screens 

API Integration

API integration allows live data sets to update, keeping information ‘live constantly’. This can be used for many things such as forex, flight boards, internal communication using databases, Excel spreadsheets as well as point of sale. The idea is to keep information live and up to date, which can be used to communicate information to both consumers and internal communications.

Smart Objects

Smart objects give you the power to create customisable buttons that can be used to develop interactive templates for both customer-facing solutions and internal learning environments. 

nfinityX Interactive Designer Datapost Smart Objects
  • Buttons are fully customisable giving the option to change colour as well as add images
  • Linking buttons to additional pages allows you to create a fully interactive project
  • Layers create an opportunity to design the background and overall template
  • All interactions with the interface are tracked and can be reported on for analysis
  • These reports can be used to gain valuable knowledge about consumer behaviour and popular choices

Script Editor

XID allows you to use the script editor to add your custom code to your XID project, allowing total customisation.

  • The script editor allows you to add your own personal code.
  • This allows you to integrate projects that you may have worked on already into your designs.
  • Widgets and API’s can be added using the scipt editor.
nfinityX Interactive Designer Datapost Script Editor