nfinityX Serve

The demand of technological advancements have increased in store efficiency making the nfinityX Serve solution a perfect tool to increase sales efficieny as well increasing consumer satisfaction. By using the self service terminal you have the ability to browse products, add them to your cart and pay for the items. A request is then sent to the storage area in which your product will be brought to you in store.

unique features



Increase foot traffic in store by servicing consumers more efficiently using a self service terminal.


Customer Satisfaction

Allowing customers to avoid long lines by using the self service terminal keeps consumers happy as they will spend less time standing in lines to pay for their products.


Increase sales by using nfinityX Serve. Having self service terminals allow the store to service more consumers while upselling them on related items at any given time allowing you to increase sales.



The terminal can be customised to match the CI of your brand allowing the self service terminal to look at home in any store.

Easy to use

The solution offers an easy to use layout which allows people who don’t use technology often to make use of the terminal.


Reports are available to see which products are most searched as well as which products have been bought the most, presented in graphs and numbers they are easy to interprate.

Self Service Terminal

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The sleek and easy to use design of the nfinityX Serve solution allows consumers to quickly and easily browse through product catalogues using a touch screen. The user interface can be customised in order to get the best look and feel for your brand.

The efficiency of the solution to service more consumers at any given time increases the stores efficiency as well as customer satifaction.


In the configuration menu colours, sizes and images can be changed on the fly allowing you to create the perfect look and feel for your self service terminal.

Prices and item information can be changed on the fly which allows you to update items that are on sale.

You can manually choose colours by providing HEX values so that your companies CI can be met.

User logins are essential for security purposes, in the configuration menu you can add new users as well as manage active profiles.


The reporting has module on nfinityX Serve allows you to track sales, popular products as well as your best performing products. The data is presented in a very user friendly manner allowing the admin to easily interpret the data.

This data can be used to single out popular products as well as track inventory, this is useful in situations where a specific product is flying of the shelves you will be able to decipher wether more of that product needs to be ordered.


By making use of nfinityX Serve you will experience more efficiency in store when high volumes of customers, this gives you the ability to sell products faster as well as upsell customers by offering products that compliment their current items in their cart. With the increased effciency comes customer satisfaction which is what every brand strives to make a priority.

Having the ability to design your self service terminal to match your companies CI allows the solution to integrate into your stores look and feel seemlessly. The ease of use of the interface will cater those with limited technological knowledge.

The reporting module allows admins of the solution to accurately track and analyse data that you otherwise wouldn’t get, giving you insights into your business that can be made use of to increase sales and efficiency of your product offering.

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