With the demands of client servicing centres increasing, a practical and functional customer management solution is essential. nfinityX Qman provides a solution that manages the need of the service centre and its customers and has the added advantage of allowing companies to target customers with relevant information while in the service centre.

unique features


customer interface

Convenient and straightforward interfaces are utilised, allowing customers to interact easily and quickly 


management interface

The interface allows managers to supervise their services centres, allocating resources when needed effortlessly. 



The clear and concise digital messages coupled with voice notification move your customers seamlessly through the service’s centre.


Queue management reports

Businesses and managers have access to valuable reports regarding the performance of consultants and the time to service their customers. Reports provide valuable business intelligence


service & consultant interfaces

Interfaces are available via the consultant terminal or on bespoke touch devices. A service rating module is available to customers once the ticket is close


Digital Poster and Smart content

Coupled with digital signage and information from the Qman solution, it allows signage to target the customers in the service centre.

Customer & Queue Management

Allow your service areas configuration to be flexible, allowing managers to satisfy customer demand or accommodate peak time demands. If you require more consultants in a service area, simply digitally re-configure your service area.


The customer is greeted by a staff member or consultant at the entrance who helps them through the simple interactive menu. Information like name, account number and service requirements are captured. The information module is customisable, allowing one to structure the data sets to suit your specific information or data capture requirements.



The easy to use management interface quickly displays the service area statistics inaccessible graphic displays. Customer movements and waiting times can be viewed by minutes, hours, days and months. Qman management console allows managers and supervisors to instantly add, move, or remove consultants or resources to the service area.


“Comprehensive logs can be retrieved, allowing one to view detailed information on the service centre performance, covering individual and team statistics. This includes customers served, waiting and service times.”

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard allows you to identify services, average waiting times, serving times, and customer journey times. This data is location-based and will enable you to discern your most efficient stores. It allows you to identify where consultants are efficient or falling short in the serving process. This is extremely useful for running an extensive business network.

Consultant View

The solution is integrated into the consultant’s workstations through a simple GUI. Consultants can view how long clients have been waiting directly from the interface in the queue. Information on the consultation is easily added before the consultant closes the client interview or service call.

“The solution provides useful information to head office, consultant performance and capturing customer information for use in marketing and customer profiling.”

Qman TV

Target your customers with news about new products and entertainment while waiting to be served. Content is controlled and published from the head office, ensuring continuity in communication strategies.

The nfinityX uses “Smart Content” to contextualise the content for specific geographical and demographic areas. Further integration into Qman allows the scope to be narrowed further, allowing the company to target the customers in the service area with media and information relevant to their requirements.