With the ever-increasing importance of data analytics in your business, nfinityX Vision is a scalable solution that can count and detect objects using AI technology and provide live analytics.

unique features


Measuring accurate object detection is essential when gathering data sets for your company’s benefit.


Measuring accurate object detection is essential when gathering data sets for your company’s benefit.



Having easy-to-use solutions creates an environment where people can quickly learn about their customers and react to live environments.


The solution integrates into our programmatic solution.


All types of data are strictly anonymised to protect people’s privacy.


Real-time reporting allows you to analyse and use the statistics to transform your business.

Facial Recognition

Facial and object recognition software has become a powerful tool for marketing campaigns as you can use the software to ensure that your marketing campaigns are making the intended impact. You will also be able to use analytics such as dwell time to see if people are interested in your campaigns and products. Knowing the gender, age, and facial expression of the people reacting to your campaigns allows you to identify your target market.



The reporting module has multiple types of identification. The solution can identify whether people are looking at the camera or not and recognise their gender and facial expression. It is instrumental data when deploying an advert as you will be able to identify whether your media is performing how you intended your consumers to react to your marketing campaigns.

The reports include people counting, accurate gender identification, emotion identification, and attention identification. All reports are presented clearly, making it easy for you to identify and analyse the data.

Object Detection

The Vision solution can detect objects from as small as car keys up to large vehicles. The solution can identify characteristics of objects such as number plates and vehicle types, allowing you to define a specific location’s primary demographic. This information will enable you to customise content for each location’s demographic, making your marketing more relevant to the audience.

What can Vision be used for

Use Vision for facial recognition, emotion detection, people counting, object detection and number plate recognition. It is a powerful tool that allows you to precisely define your site’s demographics so that media campaigns can target the right audience. 


A support team is ready to assist you and ensure your solution works for your campaign. First, we will be available within your working hours. If there is an issue you are facing, we will happily help you telephonically and be able to run diagnostics remotely to find the cause of any  problems.


Vision is a solution that can benefit you in many ways. Defining your demographic allows you to target your marketing campaigns more effectively. The counting metrics will enable you to determine impressions per campaign, making it easy to gauge the traffic of each site’s experiences. Knowing your target audience’s emotions will allow you to understand how your audience feels the way you intended, making it a successful campaign.